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Welcome to Associates Now

We pride ourselves on providing exemplary associate services to attorneys and law firms. Our Associates are A.B.A. licensed attorneys, with experience in moving cases forward.


We recognize that for many reasons, a law firm or attorney might be unable, or unwilling, to hire a full time associate. Our Associates step in to handle your needs on an assignment-by-assignment basis.


From pre-trial through appeal, our Associates' services are billed at a transparent hourly rate of $90.00 an hour. We provide the confidentiality protections, and employ the tools of a state-of-the-art law firm. 


Whether you need assistance with research, pleadings, motion practice, discovery, trial preparation, appeal, or arbitration, we're happy to help!

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+1 (440) 431-3169

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The content of Associates Now's website and other produced collateral have been prepared for informational purposes only. It is not legal advice or legal opinion, nor should it be relied upon for individual situations. No lawyer-client relationship with Associates Now will be formed, and no information you want to keep confidential should be disclosed - through e-mail links or otherwise - to Associates Now, until Associates Now has conducted a "conflict check."

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