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How We Approach Appeals

Our Associates have special experience in assisting with appeals. Whether you have or have not succeeded at the trial level, appeals are an essential part of your case. As most appellate attorneys are aware, the complex nature appellate rules often result in rejected briefings, and ultimately failed appeals.

We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive appeal assistance, from drafting appellate briefs, drafting appellate motions, and assisting with oral argument preparation. We carefully analyze your appellate court's local rules to make sure your briefing meets all the requirements, and conduct a full review of the trial court record.


Appellate courts respond to accuracy, both at oral argument and in briefing. That's why we endeavor to provide you accurate and applicable authorities. That's also why we offer an oral argument preparation option, where you can practice your oral argument under questioning from a two-associate panel.

You can expect a turnaround of 10-14 days on appellate briefs. You can expect a turnaround of 3-5 days for appellate motions.

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