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How We Approach Discovery

Discovery is a deceptively complex process. Whether you are drafting discovery requests, responding to discovery requests, reviewing records, or producing records, discovery comes with many pitfalls. Every attorney knows that cases can be won or lost in discovery. 

Our Associates pride themselves on recognizing the importance of discovery and assisting you in successfully getting through the discovery stage. Our confidentiality guarantee allows you to rest easy, knowing that any documents received by our Associates will remain secure and confidential. 

No matter the size of your discovery requests, discovery responses, and document production, our Associates stand ready and willing to place expert eyes on each document. We recognize that like all legal work, discovery is not done in a vacuum, which is why we take into account all salient aspects of your case before we begin drafting.

While time to complete discovery is variable depending on the size. You can expect an initial set of discovery requests to be completed within 5-7 days.

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