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How We Approach Motions

We understand that motion practice is an essential element of any case, and that effective motion practice takes both experience and diligence. Our Associates are experienced in drafting trial court and appellate motions.

Our first step is a comprehensive consultation with the attorney as to what they are looking to achieve with their motion or briefing. Whether the attorney knows exactly what kind of motion they want to file, or would like research on what the most effective motion or argument might be, our Associates are available.

Only after the attorney sets forth their guidelines, and the legal landscape is clear, will our Associates will begin to draft. Our Associates do not believe in canned motions or briefings and we will never recycle motions. We do updated research on each motion we draft, ensuring that all authorities in your motion are current and applicable to the legal issues at play. 

On smaller motions, expect a 5 to 7 day completion time. On larger motions, expect a 7 to 10 day completion time. 

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