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How We Approach Pleadings

We understand that pleadings are a crucial start to any lawsuit, whether defending, or prosecuting. That's why our Associates don't just draft canned pleadings.


Instead, we aim to understand what you're looking for out of the case, and what causes of action or affirmative defenses would apply. We don't view pleadings in a vacuum, but instead draft them recognizing the future consequences that omitting, or including, a cause of action or affirmative defense, may have on your case.

In drafting a Complaint, we begin with a consultation with the attorney as to what causes of action they have in mind. Whether they know exactly what they want to include, or would like our Associates to research what causes of action apply, both are available to the attorney. We then attain a comprehensive understanding of the facts before beginning the drafting process.

In answering a Complaint, we likewise begin with a consultation with the attorney as to what allegations they would like to deny or admit. We will then begin a draft of the answer, and insert applicable affirmative defenses.

Expect a 3 to 5 day turnaround on pleadings.

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