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Our Protections and Confidentiality

Every attorney knows that the protection of privileged and confidential information is paramount. We recognize these concerns, and provide state of the art data protection to meet ethical guidelines. 

How We Protect You and Your Clients

Case Management 

Associates Now maintains a state-of-the-art case management system with MyCase. For every assignment, we run a conflict check against all cases to ensure that no ethical breaches arise.


Associates Now employs only attorneys licensed in the highest bar of their state to assist you with your legal issues. As attorneys, our Associates are aware of all ethical guidelines with regard to confidentiality and client service, and abide by those guidelines.


We never want you filing a document with inaccurate, stale, or inapplicable law. That's why we rely on LexisNexis. Our Associates have all earned a *PracticeReady LexisNexis certification and are well-versed in giving you the most accurate and persuasive authorities. 

Pricing Integrity

In line with our transparent pricing model and ethical guidelines, our Associates never over bill. Assignments are billed in accordance with the $90 an hour rate and are not rounded up. All payments are made securely through Clio.

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